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Litigation History

2000 through 2023 Joel Coats, Ph.D.

Jennifer Yeich v. Rite-Aid, Cipriani & Werner, PC, Lemoyne, PA.

Personal injury claim- pesticide exposure. 2017 – 2020

FMC v. Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Hoguet, Newman, Regal & Kenney, LLP, New York, New York.

License infringement claim – pesticide. 2019.

Pham v. Jasmine Place, Lakhman & Kasamatsu, LLP, Anaheim, CA.

Personal injury claim – pesticide exposure. 2017 – 2019

Monsanto Roundup® Litigation, Hollingsworth LLP, Washington, DC.

Retained to provide expert consulting services. 2015 – current

Federal Trade Commission v. Lou Lentine and Viatek Consumer Products Group, Inc. – Grant, Konvalinka,

& Harrison, Chattanooga, TN.

Efficacy of insect repellents, 2016.

Hain Celestial Seasonings Products Consumer Litigation – Ahdoot & Wolfson, PC., West Hollywood, CA.

Pesticides in organic products. 2015.

Auto-Owners Insurance v. Red Gold, Liven Bros., Witt Farms – Willingham Cote’, East Lansing, MI.

Herbicide spray drift case, 2012.

Pool v. Orkin – Humphrey Law Firm, Des Moines, IA.

Termiticide efficacy case, 2009-2010.

U.S. Department of Justice v. Procter & Gamble – Grant Thornton, Houston, TX.

Insecticides patent case, 2010.

Acevedo v. Union Pacific Railroad – Latham Watkins, Chicago & San Diego, CA.

Texas toxic tort case, 2006-2013.

Caro v. Calderon – Federal Public Defender’s Office, Phoenix, AZ.

Capital habeas case, 2008-2012.

Devine v. Orkin – Humphrey Law Firm, Des Moines, IA.

Termiticide efficacy case, 2008.

Sumitomo v. Bayer & Syngenta – Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel, Philadelphia, PA.

Insecticide patent infringement case, 2008.

Ernat v. Walters – Youngman Law Firm, Chicago, IL.

Herbicide damage case, 2005-2006.

Schooley v. Orkin – Humphrey Law Firm, Des Moines, IA.

Termiticide efficacy case, 2002-2004.

Floyd v. Sealy – Funderburk & Funderburk Law Firm, Houston, TX.

Grain fumigant case, 2002.

Port of Houston v. GB Biosciences – Connely Baker Law Firm, Houston, TX.

Environmental contamination case, 2002.

Mussman v. Bice – Shuttleworth Ingersoll Law Firm, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Spray drift case, 2002.

Cameron v. North Central Kansas Cooperative – Foulston and Siefkin Law Firm, Wichita, KS.

Toxic tort case, 2000-2001.

Judy Ojard, American Legion and U.S. Veterans Administration

Personal injury claim – dioxins case, 2022-2023.

Paraquat Toxicology Case, Walkup Law Firm, San Francisco, CA

Personal injury claims – paraquat hazard and exposure case. 2022-2023.

Joel R. Coats, Ph.D.

Joel Coats

President ENTOX, Inc. and Distinguished Professor of Entomology and Toxicology Pesticide Toxicology Laboratory, Department of Entomology.

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